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Surgery for Men

Gynecomastia (Male Chest Reduction)


Why Choose us for Mens Gynecomastia Surgery

When diet and exercise fail to achieve the body shape you desire, Berkeley Square Medical offers the expertise of plastic surgeons that have perfected procedures to help you reach your goal of a more refined and sculptured look.

We often hear from our clients that even if they exercise and have a healthy diet, they may still have trouble getting rid of unwanted areas of fat. Liposuction removes these fat deposits and sculpts your body into the figure you desire.

Gynecomastia Surgery,otherwise known as Male Chest Reduction, specifically treats excess fat deposits on the chest that caues “male breasts/man boobs”.  With Excess fat and development of glandular tissue, Gynecomastia can be present in one breast (unilaterally) or in both breasts (bilaterally).

We have over 25 years of experience performing Liposuction and Gynecomastia surgery, our surgical skills and attention to detail will help improve your body contour and remove unwanted fatty and glandular tissue that is affecting the look of your chest.

We have treated over 250 patients for Gynecomastia with successful results meeting each patients goals and assisting them to shape and define their chest.  We are world-renowned in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our focus is simply on you and all our procedures come with a lifetime support and aftercare program.

Introduction to Gynecomastia (Males Chest Reduction) Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is the use of liposuction, but specific to the removal of both excess fat and glandular tissue that is affecting the natural contour of the males aesthetic chest and pectoral shape.

Liposuction removes these fat deposits sculpting and reducing the excess fat on your chest and achieving less fat over the pectoral muscle which will ultimately shape your chest to a more athletic look after your procedure.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost


• £5950.00

This is an All-Inclusive price for your surgery and includes the full cost of your procedure including your £100.00 consultation which is credited against the cost of your surgery.


The cost of your surgery includes:
• Two Consultations directly with your Consultant Plastic Surgeon
• Your full Pre-Operative Assessment in preparation for your surgery
• Your full procedure at our Award Winning Hospital in Harley Street, London
• All medications and garment required for your aftercare
• Complimentary chauffeur to take you from the hospital directly to your home in anywhere in London.
• 24 Hour Whatsapp messenger with members of our nursing team
• 24 Hour telephone line to our nursing team and Surgeon
• All Post-Operative appointments with our nursing team and your surgeon.



We do not provide Cosmetic Financing for Aesthetic Surgery. When considering this surgery, we like to ensure the cost of your procedure is both transparent and clear to understand. The cost outlined above is fully inclusive of your completed procedure with no additional costs.


During your initial consultation with us, our surgeon will assess your chest and discuss what you desire to change to in shape. With over 250 patients treated in Gynecomastia and over 500 in Liposuction, this really means a depth in experience in artistic and natural contouring and shaping your chest by fat removal. Your consultation will discuss what you want changing and how that will be achieved.

Remember that your consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss with our surgeons everything about this procedure. Please click on the FAQ’s menu to find answers to a list of very frequently asked questions by patients before and after their procedures were carried out.


Plastic surgery to correct gynecomastia is technically called reduction mammaplasty, and reduces breast size, flattening and enhancing the chest contours.

In severe cases of gynecomastia, the weight of excess breast tissue may cause the breasts to sag and stretch the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple). In these cases, the position and size of the areola can be surgically improved and excess skin may be reduced.
In cases where gynecomastia is primarily the result of excess fatty tissue, liposuction techniques alone may be used.

This requires insertion of a cannula, a thin hollow tube, through several small incisions. The cannula is moved back and forth in a controlled motion to loosen the excess fat, which is then removed from the body by vacuum suction.

There are various liposuction techniques that may be used; the technique most appropriate in your case will be defined prior to your procedure.

Excision techniques are recommended where glandular breast tissue or excess skin must be removed to correct gynecomastia.
Excision also is necessary if the areola will be reduced, or the nipple repositioned to a more natural male contour. Incision patterns vary depending on the specific conditions and surgical preference. Sometimes gynecomastia is treated with both liposuction and excision.

The procedure is done under either local or general anaesthetic and after surgery patients are fitted with a compression garment to reduce any swelling and are chauffeured home complimentary by our clinic same day or after an overnight stay at our hospital.

Gynecomastia is generally performed as a day case procedure which means the majority of patients will be discharged same day. Please look at our aftercare section for post surgery follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Mens Gynecomastia Surgery?
With Liposuction the results are immediately visible after the procedure and after the swelling has subsided final results will be around 3 to 4 months after the treatment has been carried out.

How many Surgical treatments will I need?
Only one treatment is required. Patients must continue to eat healthily and take regular exercise to maintain their results.

How long does Gynecomastia Surgery take?
The length of the procedure will vary with each patient and the size of the area to being treated. However, we would normally state an average duration of 1-2 hours per full area.

Are the results of Gynecomastia surgery permanent?
Liposuction is a procedure by where the fat cells within the treated area are permanently removed. Any major weight gain will generally be distributed proportionately over other parts of your body. However one must still maintain a healthy diet and sensible eating thereafter. With excessive weight gain after surgery, one may realise that their treated areas (chest) may look aesthetically pleasing, but weight gain to the stomach has affected the natural shape of the body in general.

What are the advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery?

  • Removes noticeably more fat and glandular tissue
  • Provides smoother results without lumpiness
  • Patients recovery faster than most other types of surgery
  • Has better skin tightening effects post surgery
  • No lymphatic draining appointments after surgery

Can I have Liposuction on more than one part of the body on the day?
Yes, Our Surgeon can perform up to 4 areas in the same session (on the same day), according to your needs and requirements. This means besides having treatment on your chest, you may opt for liposuction to contour your abdomen.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email one of our patient coordinators at info@berkeleysquaremedical.com or call us on 0207 887 7607.


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Tell us about you

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Which procedure are you enquiring about?


Tell us about you

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Which procedure are you enquiring about?