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Revision Rhinoplasty

UK's Leading Revision Rhinoplasty Specialists


Revision Rhinoplasty is widely known as one of the highest enquired about revision procedures in cosmetic surgery. All too many times, patients across the UK have undergone a Rhinoplasty without the correct planning.

We have noticed a growing number of patients who are coming to us for specialist advice after having undergone a previous Rhinoplasty procedure with a different surgeon.

We are proud to be multi-award winning Rhinoplasty Specialists in all types of nose jobs for both men and women with arguably one of the lowest rates of Revision in the UK. We take a look at why this growing trend is happening and what you should be doing before undergoing a revision Rhinoplasty.

There are four main reasons why your First Rhinoplasty hasn’t gone the way you wanted.

1- Different Interpretations

1) You and your Surgeon had different interpretations of your goals.

This is a pure lack of communication. All patients have a goal of what they wish to achieve and the first important question your surgeon should answer is “are your goals within the normal limitations of safe surgery?” If yes, then your surgeon should then have an experienced understanding of the natural anatomy of one’s facial features and discuss the changes in appearance to your facial features by having a Rhinoplasty and how to make your nose proportionate to your face.

2- Unrealistic Goals

2) Your goals were unrealistic, but your surgeon decided to operate anyway.

There are many surgeons who will carry out your surgery with a “one size fits all” philosophy so sadly your goals are not proportionate to you. Patients must know that a slight change in the shape of your nose has the power to change your enhance your surrounding facial features and your surgeon must have the experience in this field.

3- Your Surgeon had little Rhinoplasty experience

3) Your Surgeon had little experience in performing Rhinoplasty.

Your surgeon not only needs to be on the specialist register with the General Medical Council (UK) as a Plastic Surgeon but also needs to have a substantial portfolio of Rhinoplasty patients with the lowest possible percentage of revision Rhinoplasty cases. Rhinoplasty must be one of his top surgeries, not a surgeon that can give you a great body contour or a perkier breast but who can do the odd nose job when asked.

4- Operated at a undervalued price

4) Your surgery was carried out at a cheap price or operated abroad.

This is one of the largest problems we have to find a solution for. These are patients who have travelled abroad for Rhinoplasty for as little as EUR 1200 to undergo a Rhinoplasty. The biggest problem is the lack of understanding due to language barriers with your surgeon and more seriously is that patients more often than not start having complications on the high altitude flight back home.

Any complication after Rhinoplasty will usually affect the end results and with no surgeon at close hand, this is a certain failure.

Finding cheap Rhinoplasty surgery is absolutely possible in the UK, but price should not be the reason to embark on surgery, especially with a surgery that is the centrepiece to your face.


Berkeley Square Medical’s Revision Rate for Rhinoplasty patients who have their corrective procedure under us remains at 0% since 2014. The reason for this, we believe, is ensuring that our patients are full informed through by our surgeon on the benefits and risks and the reality of what can be corrected to achieve a proportionate nose.


What can you do if you are considering Revision Rhinoplasty?

If you require revision Rhinoplasty at Berkeley Square Medical.

As a revision Rhinoplasty patient, you must remember that your previous procedure will likely have caused internal scarring to the cartilage and scar tissue in your nose which may be removed or reshaped. This is often a more intricate procedure to correct before making the final corrected changes to the shape and size of your nose.

  1. We may want to ask you for a selection of current profile photos to discuss a brief description of what changes you are hoping to achieve and whether we can start on the correct steps first before attending your Surgeon Consultation.
  2. You will be assessed by our Rhinoplasty Specialist and a full revision Rhinoplasty treatment plan will be given discussed with you. This will include both the benefits and limitations of having another procedure. The objective is to best achieve what you first wished for in your first Rhinoplasty.
  3. We will listen very carefully to what you first wanted to achieve and will go through with you a comprehensive portfolio of Rhinoplasty before and after photos of previous patients to establish how your corrective results will appear. This may include a recommendation to have Rhinoplasty Imaging with us.
  4. If a significant improvement can be achieved, we will aim for a successful and final Rhinoplasty. However, if an improvement can’t be made due to high risks, be prepared to be told to avoid any further surgery in your best interests. Reasons that a revision Rhinoplasty may not be the right choice for you, may include that there is a limitation of what can be achieved with a second surgery, such as breathing difficulties.
  5. It is important that, as a revision rhinoplasty patient, you try to obtain your previous medical notes from your last Rhinoplasty surgery. This is sometimes very easy, but we appreciate a surgery previously carried out abroad, can often be difficult to obtain. Having your previous medical notes often helps to avoid the need for intra-operative decisions being made during your surgery.



  • £6950.00 – £7450.00

The cost of your revision rhinoplasty is also set between £6950-£7450 and includes all services provided with the surgery. This includes the full correction of your previous surgery within the limitations of safe secondary surgery.

Our surgeons are here to guide you to make the right choice so that any Rhinoplasty carried out elsewhere can be rectified to best achieve your original goal.

For more information or to book a consultation, please email at info@berkeleysquaremedical.com or call us on 0207 887 7607.



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