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Otoplasty (Ear pinning)


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If protruding or misshapen ears are bothersome to you, cosmetic ear surgery can help. Also known as otoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear.


Why Choose us for

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Many patients come to us to discuss a blepharoplasty because the procedure can make a profound difference to a tired looking face. Eye bag surgery can help create a brighter, happier expression by reducing droopy or hooded eyelids and eliminating bags under the eyes.

We have treated approximately 3500 patients for Blepharoplasty spanning over 20 years in facial surgery expertise at Berkeley square Medical.

We have over 20 years of experience performing eye bag surgery, our surgical skills and attention to detail translate in incisions that are very small with very fine sutures, to ensure faster and less painful recovery.

We are world-renowned in cosmetic and eye surgery, our focus is simply on you and the service we provide. We back what we say by offering all our work with lifetime support and five years of free aftercare.

Our services, care and performance remain unrivalled, so book an appointment with our lead Plastic Surgeons to further your understanding of your procedure and begin the journey towards a successful surgery.

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    Introduction to

    Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

    Otoplasty also referred to as ear surgery, is readily available to cosmetically alter the ears. The procedure should only be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and can have a dramatic impact on a person’s appearance, confidence, and overall quality of life. This corrective surgery is extremely popular among adults and children alike. Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is amongst the more popular surgeries carried out to correct ears that appear more protruded or are not in proportion to the rest of the face.

    Patients who have decided to have Otoplasty have noticed great psychological improvements from the aesthetic correction.

    At a Glance


    At a glance

    • Length of Procedure:

      45 Minutes

    • Overnight stay required:

      Same Day Surgery

    • Recovery Time

      1-2 weeks

    • Time off work

      5-7 days

    • Type of Anesthesia

      General or Local

    • Medical Name


    • Common Name

      Ear Surgery


    and After









    This is an All-Inclusive set price for this surgery and includes the full cost of your procedure including your £100.00 consultation which is credited against the cost of your surgery.


    Consultation Cost:

    Your £100.00 Consultation Is Credited When Booking Your Procedure.

    All-Inclusive Care Included:

    Complimentary Chauffeur Drive Home After Your Surgery Anywhere In London.


    Full Consultation With Your Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

    All Additional Items Included:

    All Medication And Garments Provided To Take Home.

    Pre-Operative Assessment Included:

    All Pre-Operative Medical Assessments.

    After Care Service Included:

    Online Messaging Service 24 Hours A Day For Aftercare Questions and Guidance.

    Hospital and Anaesthetic Fees Included:

    Full Procedure And Stay At Our State Of The Art Hospital Included with Private Room.

    Post-Operative Appointments Included:

    7-Day, 12-Week and 12 Month Post Operative Appointments.
    Direct Access to Your Surgeon.
    24 hr Direct Line to Our Clinic


    We do not provide Cosmetic Financing for this Surgery. When considering this surgery, we like to ensure the cost of your treatment is both transparent and clear to understand. The cost outlined above is fully inclusive of your completed procedure with no hidden costs.

    **(This may exclude a COVID-19 Coronavirus Detection Test if App). 



    Your consultation includes discussion about your medical history including any previous surgeries of repair of ear injuries if applicable, and medications that you currently take. The surgeon will listen to exactly what you desire in the change in the shape, symmetry, size and protrusion of your ears and will also help guide you with recommendations when considering the shape of your face to improve any facial balance after Otoplasty if applicable.

    Understandably patients like to research as much as they can on the internet about Otoplasty but remember that your face to face consultation is the perfect opportunity to meet our team of plastic surgeons and start to better your knowledge on fine-tuning your decision.


    Patients will be given a local anaesthetic with a mild sedative. In some cases, patients may be given general anaesthesia to be completely unconscious during the procedure. An incision will be made at the back of the ear, where it is connected to the head. Any excess skin or cartilage will be removed.

    • The supporting tissue behind the ears, called cartilage, is reduced and reshaped in order to position your ears closer to your head.
    • This usually is accomplished through incisions placed behind the ears. Subsequent scars will be concealed in the natural skin crease.

    The surgeon will shape the ear appropriately, or use permanent sutures to pin the ears back to their necessary position.
    Sutures may also be used to hold the ear in position just until healing is complete.

    Your surgeon will inform you of what to do to prepare for Otoplasty, as well as what to expect during the recovery period. Soft bandages will need to be worn for a couple of days following the procedure. Patients should be completely healed within six weeks, at which time the results are noticeable and beautiful. Patients can resume going to work or school after just one week

    Sanjay Rai

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    • Can I decide the shape of my new ears?

      In most cases yes! Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss this with the surgeon.
    • What happens after Otoplasty surgery?

      Otoplasty is a day case procedure so there is no requirement to stay overnight at the hospital. You will be required to wear dressings that are placed after the surgery and these must not be removed for at least 7 days.
    • Will there be any scarring from Otoplasty?

      Most incisions performed for ear surgery are made behind the ear so the scar will remain hidden whilst the scar fades away over time.
    • How long will the results from Otoplasty last?

      Results of Otoplasty are permanent, except for possible changes associated with the normal ageing process.
    • When can I return to work after Otoplasty?

      You will be able to return to work after 5-7 days but before then you will be under our guidance through our aftercare instructions
    Sanjay Rai

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