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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction involves removing excess skin and underlying breast tissue in order to reduce its size and reshapes the contour. Women opting for a breast reduction have breasts that are disproportionately large and sagging.


Breast Lift At Berkeley Square Medical

Breast Lift Surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic breast surgeries for women with a very wide age range wanting an increased lift in breast profile. It can be for many reasons, but some of the more popular decisions to have the procedure are:

  • Patients who are unhappy with the size, weight, and shape of their breasts.
  • Patients who feel constant back/shoulder pain and feel the weight of their breasts is affecting their entire posture.
  • Females who are conscious about their breasts in sexual relationships
  • Those who want to achieve a smaller bra size giving both confidences in their body and easier options in purchasing the clothing they wish to wear.
  • Those who suffer from excessive pendulous breasts where the areolas are pointing downwards and where there is skin irritation under the breasts.

You may be suffering both physically and emotionally with the size, weight and drooping of your breasts, yet a Breast Reduction Surgery takes approximately 90 minutes to successfully complete with long lasting results

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    At a Glance

    Breast Reduction

    At a glance

    • Surgery Time

      1-2 hours

    • Hospital Stay

      Same-day Surgery

    • Recovery Time

      7-14 days

    • Bras & Garments

      6 weeks

    • Sleeping on back

      Sleeping on back

    • Type of Anesthesia


    • Time off work

      1 weeks

    • Age Requirement

      18+ Years Old

    • Sexual Activity

      Restricted activity after 4 weeks

    • Exercise

      After 4 -6 weeks


    and After




    This is an All-Inclusive set price for this surgery and includes the full cost of your procedure including your £100.00 consultation which is credited against the cost of your surgery.

    Consultation Cost:

    Your £100.00 Consultation Is Credited When Booking Your Procedure.

    All-Inclusive Care Included:

    Complimentary Chauffeur Drive Home After Your Surgery Anywhere In London.


    Full Consultation With Your Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

    All Additional Items Included:

    All Medication And Garments Provided To Take Home.

    Pre-Operative Assessment Included:

    All Pre-Operative Medical Assessments.

    After Care Service Included:

    Online Messaging Service 24 Hours A Day For Aftercare Questions and Guidance.

    Hospital and Anaesthetic Fees Included:

    Full Procedure And Stay At Our State Of The Art Hospital Included with Private Room.

    Post-Operative Appointments Included:

    7-Day, 12-Week and 12 Month Post Operative Appointments.
    Direct Access to Your Surgeon.
    24 hr Direct Line to Our Clinic


    We do not provide Cosmetic Financing for this Surgery. When considering this surgery, we like to ensure the cost of your treatment is both transparent and clear to understand. The cost outlined above is fully inclusive of your completed procedure with no hidden costs.
    **(This may exclude a COVID-19 Coronavirus Detection Test if App).

    Sanjay Rai
    • Consultation

      During your initial consultation with us for breast reduction, our surgeon will discuss your desired breast size and advise you on all matters related to the appearance of your breasts that you feel are important.

      The surgeon will examine your breasts and consideration is then taken on factors such as the size, weight and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin elasticity and the current position of your nipples and areoles,
      Advice and recommendations will be given, depending on your goals and what can be achieved with a Breast Reduction surgery. This includes what you can expect by having the procedure and where the surgeon may recommend a breast lift within the procedure to enhance the results you wish for.
      Our surgeon will discuss the different techniques he can use to perform your reduction surgery and discuss further where incisions and scarring are likely to be.
      Our surgeon will want to know about any future plans of any weightless you wish to achieve or if you are planning to have children as both weight-loss and pregnancy have implications on all types of breast surgery.
      Once our surgeon has established a clear sight of your goals and assessed what he can achieve for you, he will begin by showing you a portfolio of previous patients before and after photos that best relate to your current appearance and what can be achieved if you proceed with your surgery.

      Remember that your consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss with our surgeon’s everything about this procedure. Please read the FAQ’s list to find answers to a list of very frequently asked questions by patients before and after their procedures were carried out.
    • Procedure

      There are three main types of reduction incisions techniques as shown above. Remember that your individual factors and also your personal preferences will determine the specific technique your surgeon uses to reduce the size of your breasts.
      The patient is given general anaesthesia to be fully asleep for the duration of the procedure.
      Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will then remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin.
      The nipple and areola on both breasts are moved to a higher position in harmony with the new breast size. The areola, which in large breasts has usually been stretched, is also reduced in size.
      Once all incisions are sealed, the breasts will be significantly reduced in size and nipples and areoles will be smaller and in new proportion to your new breasts.
      A compression bra is immediately put on to hold the breasts securely in their new position and minimise any swelling after the procedure.
    • Recovery Time & Aftercare


      Our priority is that your recovery is straightforward and quick. You will be provided aftercare instructions by our surgeon once he has assessed you and is ready to discharge you personally from the hospital. This will include any pain medications and a support bra that will be fitted to ensure your new breasts are supported in their new height position.

      Many surgeons advise no showering for one week which is a very difficult task for anyone. We advise that it’s ok to have regular hand showers with lukewarm water and ensuring no water is submerged onto the incisions. We will advise you of this before you leave the hospital.

      We want to ensure that you can get home safely. For this reason, all Breast Reduction patients are chauffeur driven home in London complimentary as apart of our aftercare to you.


      You will feel slightly drowsy from the anaesthesia until it wears off. At this point, any swelling to the breasts will be at its highest and your upper body movement will be quite limited while the swelling slowly decreases.


      You will still feel slightly tired after a few days and this is generally due to the temporary change to sleeping completely on your back without rolling. You may have a slight feeling of numbness around your breasts. Adjusting to the new breast weight/size may change your breathing pattern slightly while you get accustomed to the new you.

      You may notice a reduced nipple sensation during the immediate recovery, but this should return over the coming months. In the first 7 days, your support bra must be kept on at all times to help your new breasts stay in place whilst healing. Thereafter a sports bras can be used before returning to normal bras.

      Pain and Discomfort are generally very low and can be managed with over the counter medication. In rare cases, you may feel small spasms in the breast due to nerves healing.


      You should be able to return to non-physical work after 5  days from the procedure but must avoid any strenuous activities. Your breast may still be quite swollen, though this will not cause you any major discomfort in your daily movement by this time.


      You will return to the hospital for your post-operative review, in which any stitches are removed. Though the surgeon uses dissolvable stitches, we will check to make sure your incisions have healed. You will also be assessed with any leftover swelling and any advice to help improve your recovery time.


      You can start to resume light gym and cardio in moderation. You should not lift any heavy objects or go swimming /spa until 6 weeks after your surgery.

      Your results are instantly visible after surgery, but you must allow between 4-6 months before the breasts have fully settled at the desired height. During this time your breasts will be adjusting into place as the swelling reduces.


      During this period and numbness in the nipples and skin will start to disappear and you may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation as the nerves in the breast tissue begin to return to normal function.


      As apart of your aftercare, we advise all patients to book in once a year to see their surgeon for a brief assessment of the consistent results.

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      Fully accredited hospital regulated by the UK Care Quality Commission UK (CQC).

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      All practitioners are GMC Consultants in their respective specialisations of practice.




    • How long does the Breast Reduction surgery take?

      The surgery takes around two hours to complete and is performed under general anaesthetic, which means you are fully asleep while the procedure is carried out.
    • Do I need to have a combination of both a Breast Lift and Reduction to achieve a perkier breast?

      You can get both in one operation. Many women are confused about what a breast reduction will do in terms of lifting the breast. Simply put, a breast reduction will reduce the size of the breast and improve the shape. On the other hand, a breast lift (or mastopexy) will lift the breast, improving the look to a more perkier result. Both reduction and lift procedures are designed to lift the breast to a perkier height.

      So, if you have more breast tissue than you desire, a reduction is what you need. If you are happy with the size of your breasts but are concerned about the sagging, then a breast lift would be a more advisable recommendation.

    • Is there a lot of pain with Breast Reduction?

      Although there are multiple incision sites, they are placed in areas of the breast that are not too sensitive. In addition, due to the fact that the nerves to the breast skin have been stretched out by the weight of the breasts over a long time, the skin is less sensitive. Thus, the pain after surgery is usually managed with oral pain medication.

      Initially, there is discomfort in walking, getting out of bed, and any activity that causes the breasts to move. You may continue to be sore for the first few days after surgery.

      For the first few days after the procedure, you will feel more discomfort than pain, and you will be sore. Our surgeon will supply you with the right medications to treat the pain. Take your medication as prescribed by the surgeon at the correct times even if you are not feeling pain; the medicine can take up to 30 minutes to work, so if you wait until it hurts, you could be in discomfort for a little while.

    • When Will My Scars Heal after Breast Reduction surgery?

      Your scars will be red for up to 3 months as they gradually fade. These were incisions, and they need time to heal like any other minor cut. Be patient, as the redness will disappear over time. You can lessen the look of them using products that are rich in vitamin E . You can also buy products specific for lessening the appearance of scars such as Dermatix or any silicone-based gel. Our clinic will advise these products post-surgery.
    • When Can I Go Back to Work?

      You should be able to go back to work after 5-7 days and once your pain is at a level that can be managed with just over-the-counter pain medication. Most women like to allow for at least one full week off work and can return soon after that. Be aware that there will be restrictions on raising your arms above shoulder level and lifting anything for some time after surgery.
    • How Long Until I Can Have Sex?

      Sex is possible generally two weeks after a breast reduction surgery, but you will want to be careful to wait until you are healed enough. You will be having follow-up appointments with your surgeon, so, don’t be shy to ask. Only your surgeon will know when you have healed enough to resume sexual activity.
    • When Will I See My Final Results?

      You should see your final results straight after your surgery but allow up to 5 months after surgery before you are considered fully recovered. Remember, your body has been through a lot. Your incision scars may still be red, but by this point, your swelling should be completely gone so you know the true new size, and your breasts should have dropped and settled into position. You will notice improvement each month up until about the eighth month.
    • Will I lose nipple sensation?

      There is very little evidence to associate any particular incision with more or less risk of losing the sensation of your nipples. Most plastic surgeons agree that loss of sensation has a lot more to do with the surgical technique.

      Also, remember that there is no best incision. A very well-healed incision in any location is better than a poor incision. Which incision is least noticeable is another variable that depends on how it has healed, what you are wearing, etc. Our plastic surgeon will give you your choices.

    • Can Breast Tissue Grow Back After Breast Reduction?

      Rarely patients who undergo breast reduction experience re-growth of breast tissue. In some cases, this may actually require a secondary breast reduction procedure. When this occurs, there are several potential causes. These include pregnancy, menopause, and weight gain.

      Occasionally, patients with juvenile breast hypertrophy who have had early intervention may also experience re-growth of their breast tissue.

      If any of these scenarios arise secondary, breast reduction is possible. Before proceeding, your surgeon should carefully review the previous operative report to minimise the potential for complications. If a patient is very young then the breasts will continue to grow and sometimes a second procedure is necessary.


    Breast Reduction Aftercare

    Whether you are preparing for Breast Reduction Surgery or have just completed your procedure, Welcome to the Full Breast Surgery Aftercare Guide, taking you through all the important aspects of your care and wellbeing.

    Breast Tissue Growth After Breast Reduction

    Rarely patients who undergo breast reduction experience breast tissue growth. We look at scenarios where you could experience tissue growth after surgery

    Breast Reduction
    Difference between Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

    We often get a lot of confusion from prospective patients about the difference between a breast reduction surgery and a breast lift and what each can achieve.

    breast reduction scars
    Breast Reduction Scars

    Taking measures to prevent infection, staying out of sunlight, refraining from using ointments and remedies that are not prescribed, and other general incision care techniques are essential to healing without scars.

    Sanjay Rai

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