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Reasons to Have Breast Enlargement Surgery

“By the time I reached my 18th birthday, I realised my breasts were not going to grow anymore and I accepted the fact that my b-cup breasts were the size I would live with — I pushed aside thoughts of breast implants but I was more reliant on padded bras and I did try a few on-line breast creams and pills that claimed to work, though they did virtually nothing!

For almost nine years, I resisted the pressures of following fellow friends having a breast enlargement procedure and the almost daily bombardement of celebrities and stars being picture with new breasts. Though embarrassed to say I felt less of a woman for this reason”.

In the end, Carla decided to come to Berkeley Square Medical for advice. “After my second consultation I discarded my collection of padded bras and had made the decision of opting breast implants.

“I understand it may seem petty to some people, but it took a very long time to realise I needed to do something about it as I never wanted to accept the forever feeling of not being confident about my body and breasts. I didn’t opt for any big implants, only one that increased my bra size to now what is a D-cup.'”

The results? “Well I can’t believe how real they look and how natural they feel,” Carla says. “Its indescribable how happy I have become. I’m not obsessed with my look but as I accepted the new change, it was the most embracing feelings I have ever had about myself”.

In fact, Carla further mentioned that by having Breast Enlargement Surgery it led her into a more healthier lifestyle.

“I got into all sorts of vitamins like antioxidants, I quit smoking and paid a lot of attention to my skin. This was the biggest reset button for me to change my lifestyle. It really felt like everything was going perfectly. It’s a feeling I still have today.”

Carla mentioned that she didn’t want her words to entice other patients to have Breast Surgery, but she did want fellow women to see how it changed her life and if other women were in the same emotional position as her, to see how what was a difficult decision to have the procedure changed her as a person.

Breast Enlargement Surgery: Your Expectations vs. The Reality

Though considered a relatively straight forward procedure, Breast Enlargement Surgery is a major step for a lot of  women. Studies have shown that Breast Enlargement can help boost ones self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. In short, it makes most women feel more feminine.

Our surgeons at Berkeley Square Medical look at the impact of having Breast Enlargement and give you a better understanding of whether this procedure is right for you.

The Way You Perceive Your Image

Nearly half of our patients share the same feelings as Carla,  young to middle aged women whose breasts never developed is a condition called medically known as micromastia. Many women who use padded bras and other “tricks” of having bigger breasts are more often than not embarrassed or suffer for low self esteem. This includes patients with asymmetrical breasts either in shape or size. Even a half cup difference in size can be very noticeable to a woman.

Women sometimes feel they are living with a deformity. Very often are the comments “They don’t feel they have a normal body part. Their body image is an issue, and they have low self-esteem . They want to look better in clothes and swimwear.”

Carla further mentions,  “I look in the mirror now and think, this is the way I’m supposed to look and feel. I feel more confident. When I  go clothes shopping, and it’s an amazing feeling, when trying on clothes, how things fit so perfectly.”

Breast Enlargement Apart Of A Mommy Makeover

With the growing number of women opting for breast implants after having a family, we see a consistent flow of patients with the same issue. Most women interested in having Breast Enlargement surgery have returned to their previous body shape except for their breasts which often remain deflated and sagging after having children.

To opt for implants is a a very suitable option and if a breast lift is recommended, then this is carried out at the same time of having the implants fitted.

Sonia – a previous patient mentions – “I had prepared myself during pregnancy, that once I had given birth and completed the initial period of breast feeding, I wanted to have a Breast Enlargement surgery and if need be a Tummy Tuck. My breasts were a moderate b-cup and though I had a huge size increase during breastfeeding, they shrunk like two prunes after!”

Breast Implant Replacement

Women who’ve had breast implants and our surgeons all agree that it’s very important to go into surgery with a clear understanding about the cost, the type of implant, the placement of the implant and the risks that are associated with any surgery, including cosmetic surgery.

Our surgeons are clear in explaining that nothing lasts forever and that breast implants must be changed on average of every 10 years.

Approximately 85% of our patients return for the same size implant. 13% of patients opt to go 1 cup larger and 2% of patients remove the implant entirely.

Another factor that needs to be considered: A patient’s breasts naturally change over time, though the breast implant remains the same in size and shape. The shape of your breast can change due to pregnancy or breast feeding.

Our surgeons do see a small number of patients between 18-21 and we more often take a view of telling the patient to hold off until they are slightly older. They may have the financial ability to pay, but aftercare is very important and looking after the implants, attending post operative appointments and maintaining good condition with the ability to change the implants after 10 years requires that addition maturity and responsibility.

To understand more about Breast Enlargement Surgery, the internet can prove daunting. Though you may find information that relates to your emotional feelings or find pictures of previous patients and their breast transformations, the only way to truly understand whether Breast Enlargement is right for you to is sit down with your surgeon to discuss the full patient journey and procedure.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, email us at info@berkeleysquaremedical.com.

Sanjay Rai

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