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About Us

Surgery Terms and Conditions

Please read below the Terms and Conditions specifically relating to your Surgery.

Definitions and Interpretations

In these terms and conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings respectively set against:

  • “BSqM” – Berkeley Square Medical
  • “Consent Form” – The consent form signed by the Patient consenting to the Relevant Treatment;
  • “Consultation” – An in-person appointment with a Relevant Practitioner;
  • “Cooling Off Period” – A stated amount of time in which a patient is not permitted to undergo their relevant treatment;
  • “Doctor” – A General Medical Practitioner being registered to practice with the General Medical Council;
  • “Non-Surgical Treatment “ – Treatment supplied by Berkeley Square Medical not being a Surgical Procedure.
  • “Nurse” – A nurse registered to practice by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council;
  • “Patient” – Any person who has entered or is contemplating entering into a contract for a Surgical Procedure or Non-Surgical Treatment with Berkeley Square Medical
  • “Patients Guide” – The pack of information so called to be provided to Patients by Berkeley Square Medical;
  • “Procedure” – A procedure to be procured by Berkeley Square Medical for a Patient of a surgical nature to be performed by a Surgeon / Doctor;
  • “Readmission Policy” – As set out in the Patient’s Guide relating to the re-admission of your surgical or non-surgical procedure
  • “Refund Policy” – As set out in the Patient’s Guide relating to the refund of payments;
  • “Relevant Practitioner” – A Nurse, Surgeon or Doctor (as the case may be);
  • “Relevant Treatment” – The Procedure or Non-Surgical Treatment booked through Berkeley Square Medical carried out or to be carried out on the Patient by a Relevant Practitioner;
  • “Surgeon” – Means a medical practitioner being registered to practice with the General Medical Council.

Payments Policy


  1. The patient shall pay the costs of their relevant treatment(s) at times when they fall due. BSqM Refund Policy shall apply to all such payments. All fees for the Relevant Treatment(s) shall be paid in accordance with any payment schedule agreed with the Patient on the dates stated in their payment schedule. Payments for Relevant Treatments are currently exempt from VAT.
  2. Any late/delayed payments or breach in the payment schedule of the patient may result in cancellation of their consultation or relevant treatment. The administration cost to any decision made by BSqM to cancel a patient’s consultation or relevant treatment due to late payment is set out in our Cancellation Policy below.
  3. All payments of £250.00 and above by credit/debit card must be paid by the patient undergoing the relevant treatment. Payments over £250.00 made by any cardholder other than the patient will not be accepted without prior approval.
  4. Patients who wish to have their relevant treatment (any payments over £250) paid on their behalf by a 3rd Party (E.g., Parent, Spouse, Partner Etc) must be made via Bank Transfer to BSqM.
  5. Payments over £650.00 must be paid by Bank Transfer.

Rescheduling Policy



If your confirmation of surgery is booked or confirmed less than 14 days before your proposed date of surgery, the terms mentioned below remain applicable. Upon paying your deposit amount to confirm your surgery date, if there is a request to reschedule the original date, a rescheduling administration fee will apply. In cases where you reschedule your booked date for surgery giving up to:

  1. More Than 21 Days’ Notice (from the Surgery date): £250.00
  2. 20 Days or Less (until the Surgery date): £1300.00
  3. All notices to reschedule must be emailed to info@berkeleysquaremedical.com.
  4. These fees will be added to the total operation fee and will be payable prior to surgery.
  5. Please note: This policy is not affected by Berkeley Square Medical’s 14 days “cooling off period”.
  6. If you subsequently cancel rescheduled surgery, then Berkeley Square Medical’s refund policy will be applied based on the rescheduled period in both rescheduled and cancelled dates.
  7. If you reschedule your surgery more than once, the full balance of your surgery will be payable upon any subsequent confirmation of a rescheduled date.
  8. If you electively decide against having your surgery less than 14-days before your surgery date, a £2800.00 fee will be charged.


  1. You are covered If you are deemed unfit or unwell on the day of surgery as indicated by our nursing team, Anaesthetist or Surgeon, your surgery will be rescheduled at no charge.
  2. You are covered if you have been deemed unfit by another medical professional however, you are required to obtain a medical letter from that medical professional stating why you are unfit for your surgery.
  3. You are covered should you test POSITIVE for COVID-19 via a Test within 10-days before your surgery date. You will, however, be required to undergo a second COVID-19 test at an additional cost (if App).
  4. Unexpected death of a family member, spouse, civil partner or bereavement caused. You will be required to provide evidence of death. Coverage under this section will be at the discretion of Berkeley Square Medical.


  1. Rescheduling your surgery due to being unfit for surgery caused by you not following pre-surgery requirements e.g., when you are advised to stop eating/drinking prior to surgery or taking certain medication for the day of surgery. This includes any restrictions or requests made by your surgeon at the time of your consultation.
  2. Rescheduling your surgery due to failing to notify your surgeon of any pre-existing medical conditions that would deem you medically unfit to undergo your treatment at the time of your first surgeon consultation or within your medical assessment completed prior to your first appointment with your surgeon.
  3. Rescheduling your surgery should you become pregnant prior to your surgery.
  4. Rescheduling your surgery due to an elective change in your decision to undergo your surgery.

Cancellation Policy



If you cancel your surgery, or due to late payments, your procedure has been cancelled by BSqM, any consultations fees are non-refundable. Berkeley Square Medical will also charge or retain the following administration costs if cancellation is within the following time periods:

If cancellation of your surgery is:

  1. More Than 21 Days Before your Surgery Date: £400.00
  2. 20 Days up to the Admission Time of your Surgery: £1500.00
  3. All notices to cancel must be emailed to info@berkeleysquaremedical.com.
  4. If you electively decide against having your surgery less than 14-days before your surgery date, a £2800.00 fee will be charged.

Refund Policy


  1. Completed Surgeon Consultations, Medical Imaging Services and any Pathology/Pre-Operative Tests are non-refundable upon completion.
  2. If you originally paid the fees by credit or debit card, you will be refunded to the same card only.
  3. If you originally paid by cash or cheque the refund will, in both instances, be refunded via a bank transfer.
  4. All refunds are processed within 21 days from the agreement to any refund.
  5. Refunds made to debit or credit cards carry a refund processing fee of 2.5% deducted from the refund amount.
  6. Any refunds due which are not claimed within 12 months of the final payment will be forfeited.

Force Majeure Clause


This section is in the unlikely event that a medical appointment, treatment, or surgery has to be rescheduled due to a force majeure event.

Examples of Force Majeure incidents include but are not limited to natural causes (fire, storms, floods), governmental or societal actions (war, invasion, civil unrest, labour strikes), infrastructure failures (transportation, energy), medical professionals involved in your treatment who are unfit/unwell to conduct your appointment or surgery.


What you are fully covered for:

  1. Any rescheduled fees associated with your appointment, treatment or surgery.
  2. Undertaking a new MRSA test (if applicable).


What you are not covered for:

  1. Travel or accommodation costs associated with attending your appointment, treatment or surgery.
  2. Any pre-operative tests conducted less than 72-hours before a treatment or surgery. E.g A COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test.


  1. In the event of a force majeure incident, the Reschedule Policy (Section: 4.0) will not apply.
  2. In the event of a force majeure incident, the Cancellation Policy (Section: 5.0) will be applied should you decide to cancel your appointment, treatment or surgery. Cancellation s fees are set to the medial value of the cancellation policy:
  1. Cancellation Fee for medical appointments: £50.00
  2. Cancellation Fee for surgery: £1500.00
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